Bourdon Fig-Date-Ginger Ham Glaze: The best recipe ever

FIg Date Ginger Bourbon Ham Glaze

My “Not-So Secret” Best Holiday Recipe for a Bourbon Ham Fig-Date-Ginger Glaze Many people have seen or tasted my holiday ham with my Fig Date Ginger Shallot Bourbon Reduction glaze.   They have been asking and so here’s my “recipe”.      I use the term recipe very loosely,  as no measuring cups are ever […]

The first night and dry run in the Catalina 192FQS

Sleeping in the Catalina 192FQS review

The Review from the first night The first night in the camper was a success. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I could not wait to play with my new toy. This was a dry run. No water or electric was hooked up. It was merely to test the comfort and feel of my new […]

Camping in Pisgah National Forest: Roadside and Distributed Camping

Dark Sky over Mt Pisgah

A Night to Relax and Reset on Mt Pisgah   Yesterday was a 180 mile day of looking for properties or houses. I was mentally and emotionally spent. Tired and in a bit of a mental spin, I decided to put myself in the woods. And there is not a more beautiful place than Pisgah […]

The First Part and Next Leg of the Trip, A shift and a new experience

coming home

The First Part of The Trip is in the Rearview Mirror The first portion of the trip is in the bag. It was about 7,300 miles in 30 days.  While that sounds like a lot, it was actually smooth and easy. There were a few days of heavy driving extended hours behind the wheel and […]

One of the Longest Days: Part 2 Wheatland Wyoming

Part 2 of the Longest Day on the Road This is the point where the complete lack of a plan and a stubborn tenacity to push through can make things a bit challenging.  In the previous blog (Read it first to get the setting for this part of the story), it was an early and […]

One of the Longest Days: Part 1 Manitou Spring & Colorado Springs

Garden of The Gods, Dark Sky

Leaving Durango, Colorado My time in Cortez and Durango had come to a close and it was on to Colorado Springs.    The person I had hoped to visit with in Colorado Springs had a family situation and was unable to connect.    With this in mind, it made sense to get an early start, […]

Visiting the Mesa Verde National Park

Petroglyph Trail, Mesa Verde National Park

A few hours and a great hike in Mesa Verde NP I had a few hours to explore the Mesa Verde National Park, and wish I would have had more time. The geologic and indigenous history is rich here.  Check out the NPS link below to get more information. “This wild landscape of deep canyons […]

Petrified Forest National Forest

Petrified National Forest

Petrified Forest National Forest: Worth the visit!   Petrified Forest National Park is located inside of the greater Painted Desert. With over 200,000 acres, the Park is short-grass prairie and a semi-arid grassland. It was a very worthwhile detour that I am glad I took. I spent 3 hours here, but could have taken an […]

Biscuit Belly -NuLu: A Louisville Delight

Biscuit Belly Louisville KY

An Epic Breakfast at Biscuit Belly -NuLu I am going to start with the order, and then get to the rest. Biscuit Bennie   $11 smoked brisket, poached eggs, smoked gouda mornay, cherry tomatoes, poblano tomato sauce Tequila Sunrise $7 tequila, orange juice, pineapple juice, bubbles Yes it is 11:07 am and I don’t care.   A […]

They Put a Huge Rubberband on My Back

Josh Meeder and Bob McCafferty, North Country Brewing Company

Back to Harmony, a Quick Stop, Finishing a Project and Surprise The drive back from upstate New York was easy, sunny and open.  I got back mid afternoon on Friday.   There was a moment that surprised me, as I drove in to Harmony.  It suddenly felt different.  A bit removed, detached or just different.   While […]