The first night and dry run in the Catalina 192FQS

The Review from the first night

The first night in the camper was a success. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I could not wait to play with my new toy. This was a dry run. No water or electric was hooked up. It was merely to test the comfort and feel of my new “home on wheels”. So far, the Catalina 192FQS has exceeded my expectations.

I am happy to report that it was really good. Even without the air conditioning, the windows and exhaust ventilation made for a very comfortable sleeping temperature. The mattress was thin but firm. And normally I enjoy a very firm mattress. However, since I’m in nursing a shoulder injury, I was uncomfortable. This would’ve happened on any sleep surface. I will probably get a topper for the mattress, perhaps a cooling memory foam mattress top. They should also help the sheets fit a little better on such a thin mattress.

I’m heading out to Alaska in a few days, but flying. When I return I’ll get the first full week of testing the camper out. And that is exciting!


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