Two Cameras
& One Big Idea

It started with a feeling,

That grew into dream,

That is becoming a reality.

That evolved in to a new lifestyle.

How Do You Change Your Life Quickly?

In June of 2021, I made a big decision.   The “Big Idea” wasn’t a flash or a lightning bolt.  It was something that slow-cooked the over years.  It came from a felt sense that there is a better, more soul aligned way of living.  Life is short and wondrous, it is meant to be lived fully and boldly.

“With a single radical change, create an intentional lifestyle that fulfills the soul daily, to explore the planet and to share the journey” 

  • Could I leave behind all I have built and known?
  • Am I willing, or able, to trust the universe?
  • What awaits along the way?
Campsite Fire pit

Starting the Process

  • Sell the House.
  • Sell the “Stuff” that has accumulated over the years.
  • Minimize, downsize, simplify.
  • Transition my business and become a digital nomad.
  • Pack Light and GO!
  • Drive the country, visit friends, share the stories and look for a new place to call home.

Sharing the Experience

Stories, thoughts, destinations and product reviews shared regularly, well at least as regular as I can. The Journey page shows the map of the trip and more. Setting and keeping an intentional focus for the trip is a part of this whole experience.   It is a different approach.  Rather than over-planning, I will follow these principles.

The Experience Principles

Practice Relentless Gratitude

Take Radical Self Responsibility

Share Exuberant Optimism

Be Present, Aware & Vulnerable

Trust, The Universe & My Intuition

Stay Authentic, Be Kind & Speak My Truths

Play. Every Day

The Road Trip & A Few Airplanes

What does 40,000 miles of traveling in less than 6 months look like?   Well, here it is.   The Travel Map will show you the routes and stops.   Drag your mouse over the routes and see the photos/videos and stories from the road. 

It's Life, Just More Mobile

“Work / Life Balance”, What is that? What does it look like?  Can it be done?   

These are a few questions that may be answered along the way.    While this is a going to be a ton of fun, there is a serious accept to it.   I do need to find a new home and will also be managing two businesses remotely.  Building the business model and sustainable process to continue to support additional or extended travel is one of my objectives.


/plā/    Play is described as “engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” I have also hear it described as “activities that bring joy with no objective purpose.”

Finding a home and new place to move can be a serious and stressful process.  It also doesn’t have to be.   So I CHOOSE to play alot in this process.    

To often “play” is relegated to children and specific scenarios.  As adults, we have been taught you have to work hard so you can afford to play.  Afford the cost, afford the time.  That is utterly preposterous!   Play is good for the soul and can be done anywhere, anytime.

I intend to “play” as much as humanly possible. 


/wərk/ Work is defined as “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.”  Some things in life take work.   It is a part of the human experience. It builds character and resilience.  If left unchecked, it can also take over and create stress.

Over the last 12 years, I have built and cultivated a successful business consulting and marketing business, Great Things LLC.  

My clients are incredible.  My virtual assistant is a rockstar, that also values travel and freedom.  If the trip lends itself to it, I plan to offer my marketing, photography and video services to individuals and businesses that I meet along the way.  This will keep my creativity flowing, skills sharp and gas tank filled.

I Moved to Alaska, It was an Adventure!

Love found me, and I found Love, in Alaska.  

Follow the 4,000+ mile drive to move myself and a little of my stuff up to the 49th State. 

The time there was epic and deeply profound experience.  The majesty of land, truly unique moments, and building a life and love.

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