From the start and taking action

From the start and taking action

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Follow Your Dreams’ is the title of a recent blog post on my business site, Great Things LLC. It expresses the motivation to make the big change.  I am a dreamer.  I love to dream BIG!  I love to dream with other and co-create. Dreaming enriches my soul.   This, I know in my core.

Dreaming will only get you so far

I am a dreamer.  I love to dream BIG!  I love to dream with other and co-create. Dreaming enriches my soul.   This, I know in my core. But dreams without action, are simply fantasies.   A fantasy of what is desired but not valued enough to pursue.  There comes a point where you need to move it into your reality.  And still, the timing needs to be right.

For over a decade, I had dreamt of the possibility of starting a new and different life.  It would be feasible, and possibly more responsible, to wait until my son had graduated from college and building his own life.  Family, school, business and relationships have always kept me rooted in Harmony.   It is a great place, but I have traveled to 49 states (Checking Alaska off the list in late July for the 50 count!) and several countries.   There is so much out there and my soul is filled when I travel.   There is a place for me.  Somewhere that I can plug in to, rather than build a community.   A place where I can have anonymity if I choose.  Somewhere that can be closed up easily when I travel.   Situated in nature and with adventures nearby.

What you know isn’t always what you do, at first

My business is coaching and mentoring people and business owners to improve their business and lifestyles.   Conscious Business Consulting is one of my core focuses.  Motivating people to take action is what I do everyday.   For whatever reason, we don’t always heed our own advice.  My own words keep bouncing around in my head.  Just create movement, take the first step.   Message received, movement initiated.

The First Step: Damn, it was too easy

One Saturday morning in late October, a thought came in so strong and forceful, it could not be ignored.   “Sell one property.  Either the business or the house.  But sell one to create space for a change.”  Ideally and financially, it would have been much better to sell the business.   It was late fall and my son still had a full semester to finish.  Moving mid year would have been a monumental pain.   In that moment, I committed to that in idea.   It was set, I would call my real estate agent on Monday and list the house.   As for the business, I would offer it privately to ensure the right buyer would be found.

An hour later, I went down to my wood shop at The Center of Harmony.   The wood shop has always been a place of zen and centering for me.  The creativity, the feel of the tools, the smell of fresh cut wood and the satisfaction of seeing the end results capture you in the presence of the moment.    I share my wood shop with one of my tenants (and friend) Scot Calvert,  of Murderingtowne Press and Co.  He was working in the shop when I arrived and told him of my idea to sell the house or business.   He immediately responded, talk to Amy, the mother of his son.   I called Amy and she came over the next day to look at the house.   It was just want she wanted and needed.   We both openly discussed what we need to make it a good deal.   What we came up with worked perfectly for both of us!   It would not be until the end of the school year and we could work the financials creatively and collaboratively.  Since then, we have been working together and it has been beyond anything that I could have hoped for.     It was that easy.    It started with a thought, it took form with a commitment and came into reality with action.

Avoid being stuck, just take that first action

Often, a new experience is just around the corner.  It only take one “Yes” or one action to put yourself in it’s path.   If you are wrestling with a choice or an unmet dream, take one small action.  Allow the space for that to cascade and ripple.  Be ready for the Universe to answer.   Because you are are aligned and true in your intentions, it will come to you faster than you may expect.

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