Last Bonfire and Saying Goodbye on Memorial Day

One Last “Little” Bonfire and Saying Goodbye

Sunday May 30th, 2021:  It was a very special and touching evening. So many friends came out for one last bonfire and to say farewell.
I was touched and moved by all the love that was shared. The memories you shared and the impact felt touched me deeply. It’s been a blessing to get to know each of you. Together, we’ve created a pretty special community and connections. One of the things I love the most is how real, authentic and vulnerable we can be with each other. There’s a depth to our connections.
For all that showed up, reached out or couldn’t make it, Thank you all for making this time in Harmony such a special one.
Stay in touch, I will see you again. And follow along the adventure at Two Cameras and One Big Idea
Thank you all for making this time in Harmony such a special one.

Memorial Day Service in Harmony Square

Monday May 31st, 2021:  Memorial Day:  On the way out of town, I saw people gathering for the  Memorial Day Service.   It is an annual service, that I have not attended in the past.   So, I parked in the Borough’s Municipal lot and walked up.  Many of Harmony’s residents came out to share in the event.   It was nice to connect with neighbors and friends.   The service was well done, the video of it is below.


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